Texas Windstorm Certificate Compliance

Almost every home is at a higher risk of wind damage from strong storms such as hurricanes, especially when you live in the coastal areas. For a lot of homeowners living in such regions, obtaining sufficient wind insurance for a reasonable price can be really tricky. TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) offers windstorm insurance for business owners and residents in Jefferson, Calhoun, Aransas and its neighboring counties along the Texas Gulf Coast.

So as to obtain insurance from TWIA, your commercial building or home has to be qualified for a Texas windstorm certificate that verifies your business or home fulfills every standard building code. If you are looking for a company compliant to TWIA and knows the ways to carry out roof repairs to obtain Texas windstorm certificate in Austin and its neighboring areas, it is always worth approaching Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics.

Requirements of Texas Windstorm Certification

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) necessitates that every structural modification and addition, construction or repair finished after 1st January 1988 necessarily have a Certificate of Compliance to confirm that the building fulfills the appropriate windstorm building standards and codes. The qualified experts at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics understand every state building standard and code and are capable of performing roof repairs in order to obtain Texas windstorm certification.

Also, at the time of filing a claim with Texas Wind Insurance Agency (TWIA), we can help you to make sure the scrutiny and repairs are done to their satisfaction.

Obtain Services from Experts

Texas Wind Insurance Agency offers windstorm insurance to businesses and homeowners in regions that experience quite a few harsh windstorms every year or are at the risk of hurricanes. So as to make sure the protection of the homeowners as well as the stability of the buildings, several particular requisites has been set by the TWIA that have to be fulfilled during the repair of a business building or home after a windstorm.

The degree of such necessities is understood by the experts at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics and can provide exact repairs that will definitely let your commercial building or home to qualify for Texas windstorm certification. If you are looking for professional help to file a wind damage insurance claim, feel free to give us a call at (512) 583-9580 and get our specialized services at affordable prices.