Corrugated Metal Roof Installation in Austin, TX

Normally, for hundreds of years, corrugated metal roofing system is associated with several types of industrial buildings and warehouses. However, today, in this technological era, these roofs can be preferred for homes as well. Despite a wide spectrum of variety for commercial buildings, only a few of them are available for residential structures. You can approach Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics to obtain U panel roofing and R panel roofing services in Austin and its neighboring areas.

R Panel Roofing

R panel corrugated metal roofing systems are known for low maintenance and high durability. When installed properly, they are estimated to last for as much as fifty years and can be applied straightforwardly on top of the shingles. Because of the more rugged design, these roofing systems are usually preferred for commercial buildings, however, contemporary homes look specifically elegant with such roofs on top.

U Panel Roofing

U panel roofing system normally comprises of 26 gauge panels in contrast to 29 in conventional metal roofing systems. For residential properties, these are more desired due to their eye appeal. Moreover, they are easy to install as these panels can be applied straightforwardly over the present roof.

Professional Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

No matter what type of metal roofing you prefer, you will definitely be capable of enjoying its advantages like low maintenance requirements and energy efficiency. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics offers expert corrugated metal roof installation, repair, and maintenance services in Austin. We offer excellent customer service as well. Feel free to give us a call at (512) 583-9580 for more details!