Green Roof Installation in Austin, TX

A green roof is amongst those contemporary roofing systems that let you cultivate small plants on the top of the building. This system comprises of a number of diverse layers to it, including a defensive coating that goes on primarily to avert the roots of the plants from damaging the framing or sheathing of the roof. For the installation of green roofs in Austin or its neighboring areas, Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics is the most dependable contractor to approach.

Benefits of Installing a Green Roof

The key purpose of designing green roofs is to enhance the environment around buildings in thickly populated neighborhoods. No doubt the quality of air is improved by the plant photosynthesis. And, more the plants will be in any region, the cooler the temperature will be. To clean-up smog present in the air, breezes created by plants play a crucial role, thus contributes to lower the temperature of the neighborhood. Green roofs can be turned into a vegetable garden or a park if installed on a flat commercial roof.

Other than these wonderful environmental advantages, the structure of the building is also benefitted by a green roof. A strong insulation is created through several different layers of the roof that further helps to make the building energy efficient. In addition, to avert leaks and control rain runoff, green roofing materials contribute a lot. Furthermore, it also lessens the worry about major roof repairs as frequently as you would with the conventional roofing systems, owing to a very well shielded roof framing and decking under a green roof.

Expert Green Roof Installation

You can always rely on the services of Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics if you are willing to install a roof to augment your buildingā€™s energy efficiency and convert it to be environment-friendly. We endeavor to provide every client with the utmost level of roof installation, replacement, and repair besides outstanding customer service. Our green roofing solutions assure to enhance the environment as well as lessening the energy bills. To schedule the installation, feel free to call us at (512) 583-9580!