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Commercial Roofing

Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics offers commercial roofing services to its customers in Austin & surrounding suburbs as well as neighboring cities as San Antonio and Dallas.

Rated Among the Best Austin Commercial Roofers & Roofing Contractors in Austin, TX

Residential Roofing

At Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics, we understand the love and care that goes into a home. Even more so than work being done to an office building, the work being done on our home is more emotional and personally involved.

We take pride in always listening to our customer’s desires and needs, as well as working with care and cleanliness.

Why Choose Us

  • Factory Certified, In House Labor
  • Excellent 5 Year Warranty on Installation
  • Certified Infrared Thermographers
  • Aerial Drone Technology
  • HAAG Engineering Certified Sales Consultants
  • Over 27 Years of Roofing Experience
The term literally means “below red.” The etymology coming from the Latin, “infra” meaning “below.” Red is the color of the longest wavelengths of visible light. Infrared light has a longer wavelength (and so lower frequency) than that of red light visible to humans, hence the literal meaning of “below red.” Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics employs infrared primarily for leak or moisture detection on large commercial flat roofs. This non-invasive method of locating is efficient and the documentation is effective in the procuring of a replacement vs. repair analysis, designed to determine the most cost-effective and reasonable plan of action.
DJI is the leader in Aerial Drone Technology since 2006 and now brings us the most advanced PTZ camera control system in the industry, the revolutionary Phantom 2 Vision +. With the Phantom 2 Vision + drone utilized on your jobsite, it is possible to view your project from start to finish in new heights and angles not easily achieved with a standard handheld camera . With a simple mouse click, you the client, can view your project during the stages of production on our YouTube Channel. The following are just some of Phantom 2 Vision + abilities…

  • 1080p 30/60 frames per second
  • GPS Waypoint travel for safe aerial flights
  • Record & Playback Video
  • HD Quality Stills
  • Android or iOS capable flight controller
Although Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics does serve the progressive thinking, south Texas, residential market, we are highly inclined to serve the larger commercial grade clients of the southern United States. With remarkably low overhead as a result of “in-house” commercial flat roof and standing seam metal crews, Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics brings one thing more than anything else, VALUE. Low prices, high quality materials, exceptional workmanship and state-of-the-art technology; it is the best way we can think of running a 21st century roofing company.

Roof Systems offered by Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics, LLC include:

  • Single-ply
  • Built Up Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal

What Clients Say

“As a developer and operator of military test instrumentation, we do everything with an emphasis on technical excellence. Matt and the folks at Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics understand that. From the initial estimate to the final walk through, it was clear Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics was not an ordinary roofing company. After having two other highly reputable roofing companies try and fail to repair our roof, Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics arrived with state-of-the-art equipment and pinpointed our issues. Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics made it a ‘hands off’ process for us. When the work was complete and the first major storm blew through, we remained dry for the first time in years. i recommend Matt and Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics. They’ll get it done right the first time.” 
Miguel A. Cardoza, Trident Research - Austin, TX
“Our roof was damaged by a hail storm on Easter of 2011 and our roof was paid for by our insurance company. Matthew Lamz of Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics was introduced to us by our insurance adjuster as a reputable commercial contractor and we received a proposal from him for the replacement. Our old roof was a hot tar style roof and i assumed we should go back with the same, however, Matthew Lamz took the time to educate us on the best products to use on a restaurant roof like ours. The new roof is a single ply membrane roof and is white so it reflects heat. We also added additional insulation to the roof to further conserve energy use that will save us money. The best part of all is that the insurance company originally allowed for a repair of the 5 A.C. units on the roof. Matthew Lamz was able to get an estimate from a local HVAC Contractor that recommended the units be replaced after a thorough inspection. After reviewing the estimate the Insurance Company agreed and 4 out of 5 units were replaced. Those old A.C. units used to cost me a fortune in service calls and with brand new Carrier units, i can rest assured that those service expenses will disappear! The project as a whole was large and involved and Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics went above and beyond the call of duty for us. We highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a roof, especially complicated insurance claims.”
Terry Brown, Grandy's Restaurant - Abilene, TX

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